Simply Unlimited Group specialises in retail sales via the internet through Simply Cigars and The Silver Company which were both established in 1999. Simply Bespoke offers commissioned bespoke humidors, wine rooms and custom furniture.


About Simply Bespoke

Simply Bespoke is experienced in design and manufacturing of bespoke humidors, wine storage and wine rooms nationwide.

All humidor and wine storage systems can come with humidity and temperature controls designed to store and preserve loose cigars, cigar boxes and wines. They are supplied with natural premium kiln dried Spanish cedar interior lining, removable and adjustable trays, bin dividers and sliding tray, double glazing glass and effective insulated wooden structure. Silicone door seal gaskets and triple lock system ensure excellent air circulation and constant humidity level throughout the humidor. Waterproof LED interior lighting and adjustable humidity unit with digital display included.

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