Simply Unlimited Group specialises in retail sales via the internet through Simply Cigars and The Silver Company which were both established in 1999. Simply Bespoke offers commissioned bespoke humidors, wine rooms and custom furniture.

About Us

Simply Unlimited Group incorporates a small group of companies which were all formed with the same mission - to provide an online service offering premium products to a discerning market which will appreciate the style and quality of their ranges, supported by a knowledgeable team.

Established for over 16 years, both The Silver Company and Simply Cigars have secured a strong online presence by leading the market in continually introducing new concepts and products to their ranges. From prestigious names to novel and fascinating gifts, they are highly regarded for their quality and reliability.

Simply Bespoke is a respected international supplier of luxury bespoke cigar humidors, wine rooms and custom furniture. With an extensive portfolio of commissioned designs, incorporating some of the most desirable residences and yachts around the globe, they are specialists in every aspect of production, from inception to installation. Unlike its sister companies, it does not offer any products online, but its presence is designed to showcase its exceptional services.


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